The Final Call (2019) Zee 5 Original WEB-DL.Episodes 1-8 1080p AVC ESub

The Final Call (2019) Zee 5 Original WEB-DL.Episodes 1-8 1080p AVC ESub


List of Episodes

Episode 1 – The Pilot

After concealing poison in capsules, Captain Karan Sachdev reaches Skyline flight 502. Soon after take-off, Karan starts panicking when his co-pilot is accidentally poisoned. He cuts off communication with ground control which raises further suspicion and ATC officer Kiran Mirza is called in.

Episode 2 – Off Comm

While the passengers get busy with their conversations, flight attendant Pari is bombarded with questions from ATC officer Kiran. After both the co-pilots are poisoned, Karan calls ATC and requests for an emergency landing. Anticipating a case of hijacking, Kiran calls in the Anti-Terrorist Squad for help.

Episode 3 – Power of the Forces

While Captain Karan remembers his air force days, ATC officer Kiran also has a previous connection with the armed forces. Passenger Krishnamurthy is joined by his student Siddharth and their conversation about life and death opens a Pandora’s box. Meanwhile, ATS officer Kale provokes Karan who then refuses to land the plane.

Episode 4 – Do You Copy?

Siddharth is shocked when finds about Krishnamurthy’s horrific prediction that the flight is going to crash, and he goes to look for his lucky charm. Karan’s traumatic past comes back to him in flashes while he tries to maintain control of the flight. Meanwhile, ATS Kale instigates Karan and he takes the plane into a menacing thundercloud, while ATC Mirza tries in vain to bring him back to their senses.

Episode 5 – Thundercloud

Having entered the massive thundercloud, SL502 is in deep danger, however, airhostess Pari tries to put a brave face. ATS Kale is certain that Captain Karan has hijacked the plane and wants the case to be treated as a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, an interesting connection between Krishnamurthy and Jaikrity Tyagi is revealed.

Episode 6 – The Journeys That Matter

While Dhruv tries to be friendly and reveals a personal information to Sarah, she continues to be immersed in her problems. Krishnamurthy meets Abhimanyu’s soul who is trapped within the plane. Meanwhile, ATC and ATS decide to send a commando in the plane seeking Pari’s help

Episode 7 – Change in Plans

Pari finds out the truth about the 2 pilot’s death and apologises to Captain Karan. ATS is ready to execute their plan while Pari along with some passengers tries hard to connect with ATC to inform them about the truth. Meanwhile, Kale discovers about Mirza’s past and asks her to step aside as she is emotionally compromised.

Episode 8 – The FInale

Mirza breaks down and hits a low point which helps her understand Captain Karan’s frame of mind. She convinces Kale to let her negotiate with Karan and Kale has a tough choice to make. Meanwhile, Krishnamurthy teaches Siddharth one final lesson and Dhruv and Sarah face the very real possibility of a disaster. In a nail-biting finale, the designs of destiny become clearer.

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